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Master Series

Meridian Stainless Steel Beaded Cock Ring SM

Ensuring you can keep your erection hard for longer whilst being stimulated we have the Meridian Beaded Cock Ring, a quality metal cock ring with sixt..


Mini Ass Anchor Dilating Anal Plug Mini Ass Anchor Dilating Anal Plug

The best selling Ass Anchor now comes in a smaller size! Its unique anchor shape allows it to close to insert like a classic butt plug, but expand onc..


Mortal Coil Urethral Sound Mortal Coil Urethral Sound

The Mortal Coil sound Master Series is made of brushed stainless steel and is designed to increase pleasure. Progressive swells allow for added stimul..


Mr. Ed Lockable Silicone Horse Bit Gag Mr. Ed Lockable Silicone Horse Bit Gag

To hinder with this darkly sexy bit gag is a sight indeed. Both the gag and straps are made of flexible premium silicone, perfect for extended wear. T..


Nipple Amplifier Enlargement Bulbs With O Rings

The Pyramid Nipple Amplifier Bulbs are an erotic way to have fuller, more erect nipples. This enlarger system has four graduated O rings to place over..


Nipple Clip With Magnet Weights Nipple Clip With Magnet Weights

When placed just so, this single alligator style clamp is designed to add graduated pressure to the sensual areas of your plaything. You decide if the..


Nipple To Clit Tweezer Clamp Set

Connect her most sensitive areas together. These clamps have vinyl coated ends, linked chain, and a sliding ring to adjust the tightness anywhere from..


Onyx Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug

This darkly sexy derriere plug is sure to entice you with its velvety smooth silicone exterior and deviously twisted shaft that ends in a rewarding cu..


Pathicus Nine Bulb Silicone Anal Beads

Meet Pathicus Nine swelled droplets are strung together, forged from pure silicone, penetrating the anal canal with incredible pleasure. Made with pre..


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