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Doc Johnson

12 Inch Big Boy Dildo 12 Inch Big Boy Dildo

This is a very large dildo, with a dipped ridge for hand held support when inserting...


12 Inch Veined Double Header Bender Dildo 12 Inch Veined Double Header Bender Dildo

This 12 inch long double dong features long bulging veins down the shaft and a perfectly formed 'helmet' at either end. And, as if that's not enough, ..


18 Inch Veined Double Header Natural Dildo 18 Inch Veined Double Header Natural Dildo

This double ender is super-sized for fans of larger toys. Measuring a mighty 18 inches, the shaft is covered in veins giving each end a realistic feel..


6 inch Realistic Cock Vibro

This is the most amazingly realistic vibrating cock ever created! Moulded directly from an actual 6 inches length erect penis', it's unbelievably real..


8 Inch Realistic Cock Vibro

The vibro Realistic Cock is molded from an actual erect penis then individually handcrafted and coloured. Made from new supple materials it captures a..


8 Inch Realistic Cock Vibro Mulatto

For those of you that absolutely adore realistic cocks and a touch of chocolate colour! Gasp with pleasure when you hold and use this fabulous vibrato..


American Bombshell Ballistic 10 Inch Dildo

For those seeking serious action, the Ballistic packs wallop at 10" of heavily ribbed shaft with a wide girth and plush balls...


American Bombshell Destroyer Large Butt Plug

This impressive toy lives up to its name! The Destroyer will thrill size-seekers with its ultra-bulbous graduated ribbing and massive base for rough p..


American Bombshell War Daddy Dildo

Ten-Hut! The good Doc is rolling out its new line of artillery. Mission ready and Vac-U-Lock compatible! This bad boy is built for all types of action..


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