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MyStim Ballzac Metal Dildo

Massive metal dildo for stimulation current devices. This metal dildo is perfect for a very special anal or vaginal stimulation and provokes a tinglin..


MyStim Barry Bite EStim Nipple Clamps

Be prepared that Barry is not shy at all to have a tipple on your nipple. These nipple clamps get down on you whenever it's necessary and you need tha..


MyStim Booty Garland Large EStim Anal Beads

No matter, if somewhere over the rainbow or secretly under the covers, Booty Garland makes you sing its praises. Slowly inserting and withdrawing this..


MyStim Charming Chuck Penis EStim Strap Set

He’ neither charm- nor harmless and he just wants to fool around: Charming Chuck gives you that tingly sensation – in a nutshell! That would suit you,..


MyStim Cluster Buster EStim Unit MyStim Cluster Buster EStim Unit

Big Bang for the whole gang.The way the Cluster Buster provides a new kind of freedom to your love life can easily be called a sexual revolution. Kind..


MyStim Daring Danny Estim Vibrator MyStim Daring Danny Estim Vibrator

Satisfying your desire twice as much Your cry for love will be heard: Daring Danny is here and ready to stimulate you clitorally and pamper you with v..


MyStim Don Juan Probe

This ergonomically designed vaginal or rectal probe out of the medical engineering is the perfect novice dildo for electrical exaltations. Thanks to i..


MyStim Duke Stainless Steel Polished Cock Ring

Mystim cock rings made of 100% surgical stainless steel are not just erotic pieces of jewellery. They can also help you have longer and more intense s..


MyStim Electric Eric EStim Vibrator

Your cry for love will be heard. Electric Eric is here and ready to stimulate you and pamper you with vibration and stimulation at the same time. Beca..


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