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So we’ve gone out, road tip kind of weekend, there’s a few of us on this trip, we’ve found somewhere to set up camp.. night falls and we’re in the back of his Land Rover, just me and him. Just laid down chatting, flirting but we both know it’s getting heated.. I whisper in his ear and tell him I want him between my lips. I make my way to his neck and slowly work my way down his body.

He's already hard so I start slow, running my tongue down his shaft, I can feeling him getting harder by the second, I put my lips around the top, over it, moving my tongue slowly under the ridge and around the tip, now starting to suck. One hand on his waistline and the other working his shaft. As I suck and let my mouth glide up & down I can feel him straining to hold back. My hand still sliding up and down, at the same time I’m sucking and swirling the tip. I know he can’t last much longer in my mouth so I stop, panties already off I make my way back up his body, I start to kiss him while at the same time I rub my pussy over the top of his crotch so he can feel how wet I am.

I don’t stay there with him for long. I’m still on top but now I’ve got my knees either side of his face and my hands on the back of the front seats, he starts to lick and all I can do is moan! I cant cope for long because I need him to do me right. I try to move but he's got his hands over my thighs keeping me right there. Finally he releases me, my legs are weak, I move and lay beside him. He runs his hand down the front of my body and on to my pussy, gently rubs over my clit and slides one of his fingers in.

After a few minutes he places his cock inside me. My pussy is gripping his hard cock, he picks up rhythm and he's telling me to quieten down but I can’t. I can’t hold it any longer and I cum & he knows about because he can feel my pussy pulsating over his cock, he doesn't last much longer. He finishes, he kisses me and we lay together.

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