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The most common way for a woman to orgasm is through direct clitoral stimulation.  Some studies have suggested between 70 and 80% of women need direct clitoral stimulation, whether it’s through the use of fingers, vibrators, other sex toys, tongues or the right position.  So, before we delve into the sexy details, let’s take a look at some factoids about the clitoris. 

The clitoris is located near the vaginal entrance and behind the labia minora.  Research has suggested that the smaller the gap between the vaginal opening and the clitoris, the greater the chance of achieving orgasm.  The clitoris varies in size with smaller clitoris’s making it harder for women to climax.  So sorry ladies, but anatomy does play a role!  In most women, it is a small nub of flesh which contains a high concentration of nerve endings, 8000 or more, which make it highly sensitive (that’s twice the amount of nerve endings in a penis!)  It is often covered by a clitoral hood.  Many people don't realize that only a small portion of the clitoris is visible.  The remainder of the organ is surrounded by the rest of the reproductive system and extends all the way to the bottom of the pubic bone.

All female mammals have a clitoris.  Given that the sole purpose of the clitoris is sexual pleasure, human females aren’t the only one to get a thrill from sex!

Despite the many differences between men and women, we share some interesting commonalities.  One is that the clitoris is made from the same material as the penis and like the penis, it fills with blood during arousal.

Despite their similarities, the penis alone cannot usually stimulate the clitoris.  Because of its position in the woman's body, the ability of the penis to provide rhythmic stimulation to the clitoris is extremely difficult.  That means traditional intercourse usually needs to be coupled with clitoral stimulation. 

So how can you stimulate the clitoris?

Well, one way is for the female to take charge of the situation and provide her own stimulation.  Fingers or toys can be a great way to compliment sex and take charge of your orgasm.  Sometimes though it's nice to let go and have your partner take you to, and over the orgasm edge.  Some couples prefer to focus on each other entirely, bringing one to orgasm before the other has their turn.  Although this can be a nice way of having full attention on yourself and then your partner, depending on who goes first, it's not so great an option if your other half is the type to roll over straight afterward!

The best thing about clitoral orgasms is that they can be achieved in many different ways.  Because the entire area is highly sensitive, experimenting with these types of orgasms can also add some interest and spice to your sex life.  The average clitoral orgasm can last from between 10 and 30 seconds.  I challenge you to time your next one…

And the key is experimenting, because different women prefer different types of clitoral stimulation.  While the majority allegedly prefer direct stimulation, others find it uncomfortable and prefer to have the area around the clitoris stimulated instead.  Women who have masturbated will generally have a much better idea of what type of stimulation they prefer to women who haven’t.  But even for those who are more aware of how to bring themselves to climax, it can be fun and exciting to have your partner take you through an entirely different journey. 

So, what happens when a woman climaxes?  As discussed above, the clitoris fills up with blood.  With continual arousal, the clitoris becomes more engorged, and eventually, the tension will be relieved in waves as climax is reached.  Those waves are your uterus and vagina clenching and releasing.  The average orgasm is around three to five.  Mind-blowing can be as many as 10 to 15 with one per second. 

So whether you are a veteran or a newbie, there is always more to discover and experiment with.  And the more we understand about ourselves, the more pleasure there is to be had!  

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