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Buyers Guides

Buyers Guides

First time or looking for something new?  Our experts help navigate you through our large range of products from sex toys and how to take care of them, to how and when lube can spice up your love life.  Please share your thoughts and share your experiences as well, we always love to hear from our Naughty Cats!

Anonymous April 23, 2016

Bedroom Essentials

I've seen the massive variety of products there are available to purchase, and it's understandable if some of you visit the website and are a little bewildered. There's so much choice, it's difficult to know where to start. ...
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Anonymous March 16, 2016

Cleaning and Caring for Sex Toys

One of the most important things that you have to consider on purchasing your sex toy is how to keep them clean and safe to use. Cleanliness is especially important if you intend to use them with more than one partner or on/in different parts of the body. As sex toys come in many different material...
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