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Watched 50 Shades and decided you might like to try bondage but don't know where to start? Looking for hints and tips to improve anal?  You have come to the right (g) spot!  Here our Sexpert's will share their expertise and knowledge all with the aim of helping you improve this important area of your life.  

Anonymous November 04, 2018

Myths About The Female Orgasm

Let me share with you two of the most common myths about the female orgasm: Myth 1: Women can reach orgasm more easily if her partner has a large penis. Myth 2: If a woman does not have an orgasm, she did not enjoy the sex....
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Anonymous October 30, 2018

The low down on clitoral orgasms

The most common way for a woman to orgasm is through direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. So, before we delve into the sexy details, let’s take a look at some factoids about the clitoris. ...
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Anonymous January 16, 2018

G-Spot Female Toys

The whole idea and concept of female ejaculation became a topic of interest for me last summer around the time when I bought some sex toys designed to stimulate my G-spot....
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Alison April 23, 2016

Anal Sex Guide

Many people have strong opinions about the act of anal sex and the various reasons for this no-no attitude may be attributed to hygiene, a feeling of deviation and strong religious or political beliefs. Anal sex, however, can be enjoyable and be fulfilling to both partners, if done correctly, but al...
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