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Welcome to the Naughty Cat blog page. If you have ideas, suggestions or questions you would like us to blog about, go ahead and drop us a line.  While you are here, check out our competition page where our fabulous customers have written about their passions.  But are they fiction......or fact?

Naughty Cat March 30, 2019


She could feel his breath on the back of her neck, his hands running down her arms. And then his lips as they met her ear. She had been waiting all night for this moment, the point of contact that would lead to all other things, that first kiss that meant only one thing. ...
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Naughty Cat March 29, 2019

A Forest Climax

The cool night air gently moved the leaves above as they rested atop a blanket, nestled into the forests earthy floor. Her finger trailed lazily over his naked back. His eyes began to flicker as he let out a soft moan. Her fingers probed lower as the sun sank below the horizon. ...
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Anonymous November 04, 2018

Myths About The Female Orgasm

Let me share with you two of the most common myths about the female orgasm: Myth 1: Women can reach orgasm more easily if her partner has a large penis. Myth 2: If a woman does not have an orgasm, she did not enjoy the sex....
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Anonymous October 30, 2018

The low down on clitoral orgasms

The most common way for a woman to orgasm is through direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. So, before we delve into the sexy details, let’s take a look at some factoids about the clitoris. ...
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Naughty Cat May 16, 2018

The Roadtrip

So we’ve gone out, road tip kind of weekend, there’s a few of us on this trip, we’ve found somewhere to set up camp.. night falls and we’re in the back of his Land Rover, just me and him. Just laid down chatting, flirting but we both know it’s getting heated.. ...
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