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Tenga Masturbators

Tenga Hole Lotion REAL

170mls of Tenga's Real lotion for slik movement..


Tenga Hole Lotion WILD

170mls of Tenga's Wild lotion for slik movement..


Tenga Keith Haring Party Egg Masturbator

Special Edition Tenga x Keith Haring Eggs serve to bring sexual health and wellness to the forefront of mainstream acceptability, to generate activism..


Tenga Lovers Egg Masturbator

Encased within the elegant black and champagne-pink shell is the LOVERS EGG, a soft, pliable male pleasure sleeve that allows the user complete contro..


Tenga Misty Egg Masturbator Tenga Misty Egg Masturbator

Another revolutionary TENGA concept, the EASY ONA CAP. CAP YOURSELF, STRETCH and ENJOY. Enjoy the phenomenal ribbed sensations of TENGA EGG masturbato..


Tenga Rolling Head Cup Masturbator

A sensual sensation like never before made possible by adoption of a rolling head. With the adoption of a flexible body, a range of stimuli to the pen..


Tenga Shiny Egg Masturbator Tenga Shiny Egg Masturbator

A rising Sun in the center awakens any slow riser, while radiating ribs stimulate around your shaft for a wild and unrelenting sensation Made of firm ..


Tenga Silky Egg Masturbator Tenga Silky Egg Masturbator

NEW! Crack open the revolutionary TENGA Egg masturbator and enjoy your Best Orgasm Ever! These little beauties stretch to fit any size - simply add th..


Tenga Soft Tube Cup Cool Edition Masturbator

Featuring the same great sensations, the Cool Deep Throat Cup and Cool Soft Tube Cup come with menthol infused lubricant to provide a cool sensation w..


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